Here are my top 4 tips for optimizing the SEO title of your page: Add keywords at the start of your page titles . Just make sure your target keyword is part of the title. If possible, put it at the start of your page’s SEO title. Write short, descriptive titles . To avoid Macedonia Email List truncated on Google search results pages, your SEO title should be no longer than 60 characters. Include numbers and catchy words . Numbers and / or words like “complete”, “exceptional”, “guide”, “Comment”… attract the attention of Internet users. You will therefore receive more clicks. No need to include your domain name in the SEO title .

Unless you are a brand with strong brand awareness, it is not necessary to include your domain name in the SEO title. Prefer to use the 60 characters to provide a more precise description of your page. The Meta Description SEO On page: The Meta Description On the search engine results page, your page meta description is displayed below the URL. The meta description must, as its name suggests, be descriptive, with no more than 160 characters.


What Is An Explanatory Video?

Like the title, it should be unique for each of your pages. Use this description to present your page to convince the Internet user to visit your website rather than selecting another link on the search results page. Note : Google does not always show the meta description you give it. Sometimes he’ll use his own if he thinks it’s more appropriate for the user. Here are my 2 main tips for optimizing a meta description Always write a Meta Description . Google will not necessarily use it according to the keywords typed by Internet users. But avoid the automatically generated descriptions which are often of little interest.


Add your keywords in the description . Google displays in bold in the description the search terms entered by the Internet user. If your target keyword is present, your description is more attractive to the Internet user. My secret : to optimize my SEO titles and meta descriptions, I study the Google Ads ads that appear when I type in my target keyword. Advertisers, who are a priori your competitors, invest: Their budget to be positioned on the right keywords, And time to optimize their ad titles and descriptions.


How To Make A Good Explanatory Video?

My advice : take inspiration from Ads to write SEO titles and meta descriptions for your content. 3. Insert your keywords in the content of your page On page SEO: Insert your keywords in the content of your page Working on the SEO of your content is an integral part of “On page SEO”. Indeed, your goal is to make your content stand out for one or more targeted keywords. This is why before publishing any content, it is essential to research the best keywords for: Determine which search terms users type most often, And put them in line with their research intention in order to reduce the bounce rate.

Once your target keywords are found, add related keywords (also known as LSI keywords ). This for at least 2 reasons: Give a way for Google’s search algorithms to find the meaning and subject of your content , Avoid over-using your target keyword and passing for a spammer in the eyes of Google, Bing … while making it easier for your visitors to read. Here are 2 ways to identify which keywords are considered by Google to be relevant to your target keywords: Google Suggest .

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