The empathy map is a very powerful marketing tool when it comes to getting to know your target audience better.

Thanks to its design, you can go a step further when it comes to putting yourself in its place. After filling it out, you will better understand the needs and desires of your buyer persona and, as a brand, you will be able to offer more powerful solutions to your target.

In this article you will learn what we understand by empathy map, what are the advantages of making it and how to create your map step by step.

In addition, you can download a template to complete and make your own empathy map.

But first, let’s start with the most basic: understand the concept.

What Is An Empathy Map?

The empathy map is a tool that allows you to understand in depth and get to know the different segments of a company’s target audience.

Thanks to its use, companies can know what their needs are, their motivations and their frustrations.

And it is that knowing your clients Georgia Phone Numbers is something vital today to have a stable and scalable business project.

Of course: now it is no longer enough to decipher a list of objective and demographic data. For example: single woman, aged 25-35, living in london.

In fact, with these data, we can learn little about our target audience beyond merely observable data.

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The empathy map allows you to list their interests, what their aspirations are, what they can demand from a brand and what their consumption characteristics are.

Map of empathy and buyer person, what is the difference?
The creation of the buyer person is another of the most common tools used to meet the target of the companies.

Like the empathy map, the creation of this customer prototype is very useful when directing marketing and sales strategies.

To create a buyer persona , it is necessary to create a customer archetype based on the collection of empirical data.

And, for this, it is necessary to carry out an in-depth market analysis from which various relevant data can be extracted, both in qualitative and quantitative terms.

Thanks to this data, an accurate profile of the company’s customers is created.

The creation of the buyer persona requires, therefore, a thorough investigation, time and resources.

However, the customer empathy map relegates such data to the background. Instead, focus your efforts on empathizing with the customer archetype, fully understanding their concerns and needs.

And, to do this, a meeting of a group of employees who bring different perspectives to the creation of this prototype is usually enough.

Advantages and disadvantages of filling out an empathy map
the empathy map is a tremendously useful tool for sales and marketing departments.

Among Its Advantages It Stands Out

it allows to know the client in depth, understanding what their needs are and what they expect from the company.
Create different customer segments based on their interests, aspirations, and frustrations.
Assists in modifying products and services to better meet customer needs.

Now you can understand what the empathy map allows and why it is important. And it is that it provides a large amount of very useful information when developing the most appropriate strategies to connect with the company’s target.

In addition, the empathy map directly influences the different sales and content strategies. In fact, it even affects the development of products or services and after-sales actions.

If you are in a context where agility prevails, it is a very valid tool. However, in other scenarios it may be insufficient. For example, when making a business plan.

In these cases, you will need to collect a greater amount of information to get to know your target audience in depth and carry out a complete market study.

Tips for making an empathy map
before filling out the document exhaustively, you must take into account a series of preliminary considerations.

This way you will ensure that you complete the document correctly, making the most of it.

Complete this tool in a team meeting. Thus, you will have a much more complete vision.
This meeting should not be very long: 20-25 minutes is enough.
Participants must know, even if not in depth, the public they are going to describe.
The different types of target audiences must be segmented based on common characteristics -age, sentimental status, etc.-. Typically, 1 to 4 customer segments will
How to make an empathy map step by step
to build an empathy map, you must answer different questions that revolve around the buyer persona.

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