In this blog we are going to talk about Google Search Console , a platform provided by Google itself to help understand and analyze your website. Do you want to discover Kazakhstan Phone Number what Google Search Console is and what it is for ? Very attentive to this article. What is Google Search Console? Surely when they designed your web page they told you something about Search Console or Google Analytics.

Well, if when they did your web design they didn’t connect the web

to these two platforms, it was a big mistake. Why? Because Google Search Console is a platform that allows you to monitor a website and its positioning in Google. Here you can see things like errors that your website may have, how and when your website is shown to users… in short, it gives you a series of fundamental keys to see if your website is well connected with Google, if it tracks you and more importantly, if you show up for the right searches. As you have seen, the answer to the question what is search console? should be.

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We have begun to define the answer to this question

in the previous point, but let’s see in more detail what Google Search Console is for : General description : Here you can see some parameters of the web such as performance, coverage and security. Performance report : This point is one of the most interesting. Here you can see how many times your website has been displayed and how many clicks have been made in a certain time. Also, if you do a little scroll you will be able to see what searches you have appeared for and the most visited pages of your site. URL inspection tool. Put an active URL of your website and it will show you detailed information of that particular url.

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