Well, in WordPress alone, it’s over 2 million articles every day, or 24 per second (source eoxia ). Obviously, taking into account all the other publishing systems, it is even more. In addition, Internet users make more than 6.9 billion Namibia Email List on Google… every day (source of the Moderator’s Blog ). And Google is so strong that we almost always find our answer on the first page. This is why Laurent always insists: Appearing on the first page of Google is a decisive factor for your business to thrive. And this is the objective of Natural Referencing (SEO).

I would add that SEO is even one of the 6 levers of Digital Marketing to build a digital presence of a company looking to win new customers. Finally, with better positions on Google, you obviously also stand out from your competitors. Contents [ display ] But what is Natural Referencing or SEO? But what is Natural Referencing or SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which translates to “Search Engine Optimization”. Note : A search engine is Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex … But since Google’s market share in France exceeds 90%, I will focus on Google (source statcounter ).


But What Is Natural Referencing Or Seo?


In French, we also speak of: Natural reference, Organic SEO, Refer a website, SEO on the Internet … To put it simply, as soon as you see the term “SEO” used in a Digital Marketing context, it talks about SEO. Here is the definition of SEO according to Wikipedia : Optimization for search engines, natural referencing or SEO (for search engine optimization), is a set of techniques to optimize the visibility of a web page in the pages of search results. It is rather very vague as a definition! This is how I present SEO: On the one hand, an Internet user typing words into Google.


These words are called keywords, On the other hand, your content which, in your opinion, provides an answer to the request of this Internet user, In the middle, Google which seeks to present the best result to this Internet user to satisfy him. And as your content is not the only one to correspond to the question of this Internet user, Google is obliged to sort all the content before presenting it to the Internet user. Experts talk about position in search results pages. Therefore, Natural SEO consists of optimizing your content for one or more given keywords so that your position in Google’s ranking is if possible on the first page and as high as possible! Indeed, 60% of clicks go to the first 3 positions in search engine results (source Visiplus academy ). Before continuing, let’s break the myth that SEO is difficult.


A Little History: The Very Beginning Of Google

The myth: SEO is difficult The myth: SEO is difficult Among all the levers of Digital Marketing, SEO is the one on which we find the most misinformation. SEO is just not as difficult as the experts claim. It’s even quite easy to rank well for well-chosen keywords without hiring an SEO expert. Understanding Google To fully understand natural referencing (SEO), you need to understand Google better. From there, it’s easier to get a good position in Google’s results pages. A little history: the very beginning of Google The 2 co-founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, were students preparing their thesis at Stanford. They noticed that scientific reports always refer to other publications.

And that publications that “reference” are cited more than others. These quotes act as a vote. The more a publication is cited, the more important it is. Larry and Sergey then imagined that by having access to all the scientific articles, they could theoretically sort them by the number of citations to decide which documents are the most important. Then, they declined this rule for a web page. The more links it receives from other websites, the better quality it is. Any web page can therefore be crawled and classified as long as it can crawl the entire Internet . For example, if you do a search for the keywords “SEO”, it is easy to read all the pages that deal with “SEO” and then rank them.

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