You do not believe me ? 54% of  Argentina WhatsApp Number List  consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business ( HubSpot, 2018 ). In other words, to develop the visibility of your business, posting videos about your business is a priority today. On the other hand, creating only advertising videos of your products and / or services does not get you very far. Here is what Laurent told me in a recent conversation: YouTube advertising videos deliver results with good form and content. But what creates long-lasting traffic and interest are other types of corporate videos such as team, institutional, explanatory videos, etc. Thank you Laurent! Let’s take a look at the video craze first. Contents [ display ] The benefit of promoting your offer with video content

The benefit of promoting your offer with video content (source ECN ) If you are not yet making video content, here is some convincing. Who says video, also says YouTube. Obviously, YouTube is not a full-fledged social network. On the other hand, this video platform offers many possibilities to promote your product and / or service offer. YouTube is the second most visited site in the world, behind Google with more than 2 billion monthly users, including 46 million in France. And to show the success of YouTube, every second more than 80,000 videos are viewed.

The Type Of “institutional Business” Video

My advice : post videos regularly. Also remember to work well on your keywords, your titles and your descriptions so that your channel and your videos are easily found. Here are the different types of videos that are particularly useful for a business. I even identified 6! The 6 types of business video you can easily make 1. The type of company video “interview with the manager” The pages “The team” and “Who are we?” Are often the most visited pages on company websites. Prospects (and customers) want to know who works for the company and / or will be in charge of working for them before they contact you. The videos highlighting the employees of the company and / or its leaders really help to create interest in the company.


So go ahead, get interviewed as a business owner and post these videos on your YouTube channel. Then put them on your website. There are plenty of opportunities to be filmed: At trade shows. There are often people who offer to interview you, Ditto, when you are attending a conference, even better if you are moderating a round table, But also occasionally when you are on radio or television, Or even spontaneously contacting various websites whose goal is to interview business leaders … For example, “ La Chaîne des Entrepreneurs ” YouTube carries out small interviews, certainly in an artisanal way, but very authentic. It’s even a good way to start since this kind of interview is not done live. On the same topic : 7 Effective Ways To Promote Your Videos On The Internet 2.

Conclusion On What Type Of Company V

The tutorial videos If you use a tool like Google Ads Keyword Planner, you will quickly see the different types of popular videos and the most searched keywords. Among all these videos, you will find the tutorials . According to Wikipedia , the tutorial is an educational tool that can take the form of a video, consisting of detailed step-by-step instructions. So when you ask yourself the question of what type of business video to create, one of the answers should clearly be one or more tutorials explaining your service or product offering.

Above, here is an example of an interesting tutorial on natural referencing (SEO), produced by grafikart , a colleague specializing in the subject. Take another example: a packaging manufacturer. He wants to convince his professional clients that he knows his job well and that he follows quality processes. What better way to do this than to show your team at work? A tutorial could be, in his case: ” How to create a cardboard packaging without the risk of the cardboard breaking at the folding points?” “. You will tell me that it is a bit sharp. Sure, but that’s exactly what the customers of this company are looking for. So even if the traffic is relatively low, it is very relevant for this business which will generate an equally relevant flow of leads.

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