What’s changing now in google recipe structured data?
Google removed a time range for cooking and prep time from their guide . It means that using min and max as elements to specify a period of time is no longer allowed from now on , because. Google will only support the total time for cooking and preparation .

So all the recipe websites that report those


time intervals will have to update this information for google to understand it. Let’s look at an example with a search for “fried chicken”.

Can you see how those websites already report total time instead of cook time and prep time? This Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List is what every recipe page owner will need to do to gain or maintain good visibility and rankings on google.

An information that google is leaving out (but that everyone should follow)
Google’s changelog documentation says that only the cook time and prep time have changed, but in reality, the total time has also changed.

Although the documentation does not

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mention that websites should stop using min and max in total time, it is highly to do so .

This is the printout from the new documentation.

As you can see, there is nothing about using min or max in recipes. However, considering that google has made this change to avoid the time range in recipes, it will be better to use an exact total time instead.

How should data be?
Many recipe websites are built on wordpress and use plugins to structure their data.

Therefore, each developer or content creator will need to update those plugins to the latest version and check if they have already applied this change.

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