When web stories was introduced in 2018, people also referred to them as amp stories as it uses amp (accelerated mobile pages, a platform for optimizing mobile web browsing) as its technology foundation.

But we also saw how amp faded due to some decisions by google. It was no longer necessary to have amp to get better website performance and better rankings in search results.

That being the case, many website creators and publishers

thought that this decision was a way for google to further monopolize the internet.

Now, google is trying to get more people to use web stories and this. The Senegal WhatsApp Number List draws some comparisons to amp, which got a similar boost in its early years.

As web stories are a trendy content format (similar to instagram and tiktok stories), google. The stands to benefit from more people using it as it can attract younger audiences.

The question is, “is google web stories replacing amp?” maybe. However, there is a difference between web stories and amp.

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While the former is actually an html page (the standard language for documents. The to be displayed in a web browser), amp pages connect to an equivalent web page.

Thus, despite being built using the amp framework, web stories are different. But how?

Lets go buy
the goal of amp stories, introduced in 2018, is described as ” visual storytelling for the open web ” an immersive and performative experience for readers.

Plus, it’s free and available to everyone, can be implemented on amp and non-amp pages (seems to focus on mobile platforms), and supports multiple media formats like videos, gifs, audios, and animations.

When reviewing the guide ” create your first web story “, the first thing. The you can see is that you will need a developer or the necessary knowledge to implement it. The advertising options seem very. The customizable and easy to implement on a third party platform with an ad server like google ad manager .

Now looking at google web stories, the goal of this new solution seems to. The be more or less the same, but it emphasizes ownership of stories. It allows complete control of the story format with the ability to customize it for mobile and web platforms.

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