The three brains Example: you are Philippines Phone Number disappointed with something and decide to buy a nice new coat. You see the picture on the website and immediately fall in love. You allow yourself this pleasure. You will then see Philippines Phone Number the price at the bottom of the screen. Oops, that jacket costs a lot more than you Philippines Phone Number hoped. The fear strikes: will you make it around this month… or will you feel guilty for doing this release.

You Are Dozing On The Couch

Hmm, maybe looking for a cheaper Philippines Phone Number model after all. This dilemma plays out entirely in your mammalian brain: pleasure versus pain. The fear of losing something is generally greater than the desire to Philippines Phone Number gain something. human brain The neocortex, also called the ‘human brain’, is concerned with rational and logical thinking, overseeing complex situations, reflecting on our behavior, thinking about the past and the future. This most recently developed part of our brain urges us to pursue a goal, to build a meaningful existence. We automatically give less priority to everything that does not directly match our goals.

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Dozing On The Couch

But hey, all the good intentions of the neocortex have to do with constant fierce competition, coming from our inner reptile and mammal. Indeed: these three captains on one ship are constantly at odds with each other. It is therefore not surprising that ‘change’ is an immense challenge for you as a person. Also read: Fear, uncertainty & doubt: how do you use this positively in marketing? Eating less fat to look better? Tell that to your reptilian brain that the full focus is on feasting.

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