What went wrong? You carry with you Azerbaijan Phone Number experiences such as that of this sales manager and they often still determine and guide your behavior years later. The big question was: what went wrong? The urge to score, but also the Azerbaijan Phone Number inner conviction that this should and would succeed, sent the sales Azerbaijan Phone Number manager’s behavior into total overdrive. As a result, he did not give the most important person in question, the potential client, any space.

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Human behavior The book People Azerbaijan Phone Number Skills for Analytical Thinkers is about this subject. Although the title implies that the book is specifically intended for the analytical thinker, the approach seems universal. As far as I’m concerned, everyone can make the most of it. The basic principle is that the behavior that people Azerbaijan Phone Number display depends on a number of factors. First of all, there is an initial situation , which consists of all kinds of signals, communication, behavior and other input. Each person processes that input based on their own algorithms , which often consist of beliefs that have formed during our lives.

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For example, “If I fail, others will blame me.” These algorithms then direct our behavior or the output . And that output can be positive or negative. behaviour: input, process and output. Batman vs the Joker The book explains this through Batman versus the Joker. Batman algorithms make us shine and come into our own, with positive output as a result. Joker algorithms, on the other hand, arise from negative experiences and beliefs that steer our behavior in the wrong direction. This leads to negative behavior. People Skills for Analytical.

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