We hear more and more about values ​​and  Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List  that’s good because it is a vector of meaning for employees. On the other hand, we very often hear a discrepancy between the values ​​displayed and what is experienced by the employees , which creates a significant discrepancy and can be a source of disillusionment or even tension. The “generating” values ​​of energy Our values ​​are what we have most deeply anchored in us, through our education, our personal environment, we have all built ourselves on this base which gives us a personal benchmark, which will guide us in our choices and our choices. actions. The values ​​we hold on to act as a motivator, which encourages us to direct our energy in a certain direction. In a company, it is the common base, the common area that brings us together, what makes the link

the common thread of each member of the team. It allows us to build a common project, to live an adventure that speaks to us and that gives meaning to everyone . Sharing the same values ​​attracts everyone towards the other and amplifies the energy for the project and conversely, the fact of not sharing or respecting them will distance people and generate indifference or even rejection. I really like this summary of the Observatory of Values ​​which reminds us that it works in both directions and which helps to understand certain reactions. Values ​​are reservoirs of energy generally designated by a word or phrase and represented by behaviors. When we use the language of values, we stimulate this energy, in ourselves and in others. Sometimes this energy is positive in nature, sometimes it is negative.

The “generating” Values ​​of Energy

When it is positive, we usually call it motivation. When it is negative, we rather call it disrespectful. In both cases, it can surprise us with its power. They will guide us throughout our life, towards what we love, and push us away from what we do not like and which helps to seek what makes us the happiest deep inside us, to find what gives us meaning , makes us move forward. Showing values ​​is not enough, you have to live them Many companies post values, on their walls, in their job offers, but unfortunately that is not enough. They must be experienced by the employees. Imagine a new employee who is explained a number of things in advertisements and during a job interview and who will experience the opposite?


The capital of trust with his employer will quickly drop, the relationship of trust will not be able to be built, he risks quickly falling into his neck and he will be right. In the other direction the company will have the same functioning, or should have the same functioning if it wants to build a long-term relationship. Foreground: potted plant and two MV Group mugs – Background: MV Group employee on the phone It is also in difficult times that we discover our true friends, the same goes for values, “real” ones appear quite naturally. Personally in my professional life I have been able to measure it with leaders who were in difficulty, and it made me want to support them to get out of it. In the end, to properly measure the depth of our values,

Showing Values ​​is Not Enough

it is knowing what efforts or sacrifices we are prepared to make to respect them, otherwise they are not our values. And when they are not lived it is the cataclysm And everyone is responsible for it, companies but also employees. Some companies are out of step when they “ride” the wave of benevolence by displaying it on all levels, but when we talk to employees, there is nothing benevolent in the actions. Others will talk about trust, but the whole organization is based on control, the employees have no possibility of taking the initiative or even the methods of the “small bosses” are in opposition to the main lines displayed by the company. DG. To read also:

The “p’tits chefs” in large groups, the misery for the teams But this lag is not only on the part of certain companies, it also comes from certain employees.. During my 30 professional years, I have seen some experiences. Claiming benevolence, but doing heinous acts to colleagues or spending his time criticizing others, talking about good values ​​and abandoning a job, claiming ecological values ​​and not turning off the lights, driving a polluting car or not not to sort through ????, to affirm solidarity, but not to lend a hand to colleagues when needed, to talk about respect for others and not to clear your table

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