Links with “poisoned” link texts Google penalties: Links with “poisoned” link texts Link text plays an important role in the link’s value to Google, as we’ve seen before. Imagine that your business site accumulates backlinks with anchors UK Email List perceived by Google. Take the example of links containing keywords related to online drug sales. This is a sign, for Google, of a poor quality site or one that has suffered a hacker attack. Google’s manual penalties Google also has human employees (yes yes too!). And to improve the experience of its users, Quality Raters teams are busy monitoring that there is no abuse.

If abuse is detected but has not been automatically sanctioned by Google’s algorithms, a manual penalty may be applied to the “cheating” site. On this subject, these Quality Raters have a guide to distinguish what is good from bad. I encourage you to read it as it is regularly made public. Here is the link to download the 2020 version . Selling Links The search engine dislikes affiliate links, let alone direct link selling. My advice : Unless you have millions of visitors per month, selling a link to a customer’s site makes little money. On the other hand, it is more likely to lead to a significant downgrade of your site in the ranking of Google. Google’s sandbox In order not to be spamming its results, Google has created a sandbox.


First, List Your Restaurant On General Directories

It is a “purgatory” in which the new sites are placed. If you have just put your business site online, then wait a few months to prove yourself. My advice : during this time, be especially careful not to cheat, spam or be seen negatively in any way Google Dance The Google Dance can temporarily shake the standings. There’s even a patent from Google to determine whether or not a site is trying to play the algorithm. Is this patent used in the Google algorithm, no one knows. My advice : have a clean, honest and qualitative SEO and backlinks strategy, to avoid downgrading or penalties from Google.


The Disavow Tool Companies that have been penalized by Google can use the “Disavow a Link” tool . For example, if your company is the subject of a spam attack from a bad name site (drugs, weapons … for example), you can disavow these inbound links, so that they no longer penalize your SEO. My advice : regularly monitor your backlinks, for example with the free Google Search Console tool. Requests for reconsideration Still in the same logic as the previous criterion, it is also possible to request a request from the Google teams, in order to reconsider a penalty applied to your company’s site.


Register Your Restaurant On Google My Business

Techniques for creating temporary links Finally, to boost the SEO of a site, smart people have set up systems for creating temporary links. Google has detected this manipulation (this cheating, let’s say it clearly) and penalizes the sites which adopt this type of abusive techniques. And there you have it, all things come to an end, even the best! Thank you again very much to Brian Dean for the content on which I relied to produce these 8 articles! This article completes my series on all of the Google Algorithm Criteria and how you can leverage them to grow your business. But SEO on Google is not just an algorithm , your pages must also be indexable.

You should never find duplicate content within your site (“that’s bad”). The more your articles are visible everywhere on your site, the less Google tries to index the different categories, at the risk of penalizing these duplicate pages, thus giving them less weight. The structure in a few words Sometimes the hidden side of the iceberg is the most important, especially on the web. The structure of your site must respect the standards and good practices of natural referencing.

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