Did you know that around 27% of Internet users formulate their queries in the form of search engine questions ? (source at arobasenet ) Indeed, the majority of Internet users seek solutions to their problems on the Web and tend to ask Japan Email List directly to search engines. This is also why Google favors long tail keywords and content: Rich in information and useful, With titles and subtitles in the form of questions, Offering advice and tips, Offering FAQs … Its goal is to always better respond to the research intention of each user.

This is an element at all costs to take into account if you want to improve your positioning on the results pages. Moreover, Laurent confirmed it to me when we discussed the subject: From now on, identifying and answering Internet users’ questions are key elements of any SEO strategy… This is all the more important with the rise of voice search. But how do you identify the questions that Internet users ask about your activity? In this article, I offer you some effective tools and tips to find the questions frequently asked by Internet users in order to optimize your SEO. Contents [ display ] Why identify the questions that Internet users ask themselves? Why identify the questions that Internet users ask themselves?


Why Identify The Questions That Internet Users Ask Themselves?

The main goal of search engines like Google is to better meet the search intent of each user. And since Internet users are looking for answers to their questions, you will inevitably improve your SEO: If you integrate them into your content, If you base yourself on the most frequent ones to develop your content. It’s as simple as that. In addition, since Google sees you as having the correct answer to these questions, the traffic generated is bound to be of high quality. Most importantly, answering them correctly on your website improves your visitors’ experience since they find the answers they want.


Therefore, your conversion rate will improve. Concretely, answering common questions around your keywords brings many advantages for the SEO of your website: Improve your positions on Google by responding exactly to the intended users and according to the context, Establish your expertise with search engines. It’s the E in Google EAT , Win “Featured Snippets”, “People Ask For” and other “information snippets” in Google search results, Do you still have doubts about the value of this strategy? Most professional SEO tools have added a filter to show only questions around a keyword. In my opinion, that further strengthens the interest of this strategy. How do you identify the right questions your target is asking? How do you identify the right questions your target is asking? To identify the relevant questions related to your target keywords, you are spoiled for choice!


How Do You Identify The Right Questions Your Target Is Asking?

I imagine there are dozens of tactics. So, to save you time, I have made a small non-exhaustive list of these tips and tools that I have the opportunity to practice. My advice : For your convenience, use the Chrome SEO Quake extension to export the results pages to an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheets. 2. Analysis of the customer journey It is also an important step in developing your meta description. It is necessary to write your meta descriptions by analyzing the stage of the marketing funnel in which your content is located. It is often related to user intention .

Once these 2 steps have been completed, it’s time to choose the tone and the keywords. Adapt your tone Adapt your tone Now you are going to choose the tone of the meta description corresponding to your web page. The tone used must obviously correspond to your industry. For example, the tone used is not the same whether you are selling shoes or industrial equipment. The tone must also obviously be linked to the brand image you want to convey. If you have more than one product type on your website, you can tailor the tone used in the meta description for each page, and for each product… and so on. My advice : depending on your sector of activity, favor wording in the form of questions and action verbs.

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