I can no longer count the times I have called the customer service of a company and found myself with a manager at the end of the line who barely speaks French. What I like about SEMrush is their efficiency : Not only is the waiting time Singapore Email List short (generally less than 10 minutes), But in addition, most of the interlocutors speak at least 2 languages. Note : they generally respond to emails within 2 to 3 working days . 10. Profit from a golden affiliate program A golden affiliate program I want to end on a high note by talking about their affiliate program called Berush, which for me makes all the difference with other software of this type. SEMrush is one of the few software that offers a 40% recurring commission on all subscriptions.

But that’s not all. You have access to a whole battery of tools to promote the platform, like banners , widgets , and even sometimes discount codes for their top affiliates. And since your visitors will not go to their bank card to subscribe to a SEMrush subscription, the cookie installed on your prospects’ computer has a duration of 10 years. As for payments , affiliates receive their commissions twice a month after reaching the minimum threshold and payments are made via Paypal or directly by bank transfer . Audrey: Thank you Ahmed for this very comprehensive overview of SEMrush that we use every day.


A Good Meta-description Generates Traffic

I admit that listing its features exhaustively is mission impossible. I am just allowing myself to add the possibility of creating practical and personalized reports . Conclusion on the reasons to use SEMRush for your website As you can see, SEMrush is a real Swiss army knife for bloggers, webmasters and even e-merchants. Today, it remains very difficult to do without it, especially if you focus on saturated niches such as fitness, yoga, nutrition… and even Digital Marketing. Not only is SEMrush essential to establish your presence on the Internet. But in addition to guide you, it also analyzes the strategies of your competitors on the web, taking into account their keywords , and even the effectiveness of their advertisements .


In addition, the software is constantly evolving. Without a doubt, with SEMrush, you get ahead of your competitors while keeping an eye on their digital activities. This is what makes SEMrush so charming. I’m sure you also appreciate its simplicity despite its tools and accessibility for all. I hope I have convinced you to join the 4 million users including the biggest companies like: Ebay, Quora, HP, Booking, BNP Paribas…. To conclude, like any good professional service, this one comes at a price, but don’t worry, you can register and test it for free for 7 days . You are convinced! Here are 3 tips to get started with SEMrush .


Increase The Number Of Visits Coming From Organic Traffic

The diversification of anchor texts: use synonyms will help to dilute your main anchor, The brand anchors versus optimized anchors, The relevance of the anchor text : it must have a high semantic relevance to highlight the website to which it points. To benefit from a healthy link profile, the SEO Smart Web Group agency recommends : 50% natural anchors, 25% semi-optimized anchors, And 25% of anchors optimized on a keyword. The relevance of the field Before posting a link on an external website, check whether the latter is beneficial for your website.

To help you, here are the main criteria that determine the quality of a website: The theme of the website, Domain authority, The organic traffic curve, And his links profile. Each link that points to your site must be related to your field of activity. Otherwise, that is to say for irrelevant links on sites outside your theme, these will be qualified as “bad” links. Google may then even consider them to be spam. So instead of improving your SEO, they are going to have a negative effect. My advice : focus on acquiring links on pages that are relevant to your business. Domain authority Domain authority PageRank or PR is a trust score given by Google which analyzes the popularity of a website.

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