Make sure your main pages are within 3 clicks of your home page. And follow the recommendations of the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress . AND for the more expert among you, get inspiration from my 5 advanced tips for inter-content networking. On the same topic : 5 reasons to think SEO before a website redesign 4. Create pages for each Slovenia Email List of a keyword Create pages for each keyword variant If this tactic seems outdated to you, you are absolutely right. Creating pages for each keyword variant was a tactic used years ago. It was a way of maximizing each keyword individually with a specific page.

Today, Google’s indexing methods are still based on keywords, but also taking into account user intent . Today, Google knows that there is the same meaning behind the words: doctor, doctor, general practitioner … So Google is looking to show its users the most complete page that uses all of these keywords. It is no longer useful to create separate pages. It is still one of the SEO practices to be banned today. What should you do instead? Go out of your way to create well-structured, informative, and engaging landing pages for your products and services. Adjust your keywords in a natural way in your content, title, meta description …


A Clarification On The Anchor Text

And instead of making one page per keyword variant, decline your pages according to the intentions of Internet users: The Internet user is looking for information on a product, The Internet user is looking to buy a product. My tip : to know the user intention behind a keyword, search for it in Google and analyze the results that give you. 5. Getting bad inbound links Getting Bad Inbound Links Is One Of The Writing Poor Content Is One Of The SEO Practices To Be Banned I reassure you: backlinks still play an important role in Google’s algorithm. But not just any backlink. Google searches for quality backlinks.


On the other hand, Google still has some difficulties in distinguishing the links acquired honestly from the links created only to manipulate its ranking, as Tubbydev explains . Realizing this, many SEO “experts” still practice tactics which I will describe to you next. And even worse, some entrepreneurs require their SEO agency to practice them! Under the pretext of “Let’s go, as long as my pages climb in the rankings”. Well, I can tell you. It is not worth it since it is one of the SEO practices to be banned in 2020. The results are always short-lived and then you have to spend time cleaning everything.


On Which Sites To Get Free Backlinks?

So what are these outdated backlink practices? I count at least 9 SEO practices to be banned. at. Create profiles on the forums SEO “experts” have abused this tactic in the past. Google is not at all a fan of these types of links pointing to your website. So, in order not to be penalized as well, most forums no longer allow links in profiles or signatures. In addition, when it is still possible, they are links with a “no-follow” attribute, therefore much less useful from an SEO point of view. b. Comment on blogs Many still spend a lot of time adding comments on blogs. Not only is it time consuming.

But besides, I guess they don’t realize that blogging platforms have put “no-follow” tags on links in comments for a long time. Finally, these are often comments that give me no value. That’s why I usually delete them. vs. Insert links in the footer Another classic black hat SEO tactic is getting backlinks to the footer of other sites. No chance of climbing to the top of Google’s results pages with this tactic since Google’s “Panda” and “Penguin” updates. d. Create a private blog network A private blog network is a collection of websites that you own and link your sites with.

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