Performing effective and relevant user tests is the guarantee of providing your website users with a successful user experience. Would you like some advice on how to pass your user tests? Don’t panic, we’ll give them to you here! you know that UX design ( user experience ) is essential for the success of your website. And you also know that building a Mexico Phone Number List and efficient UX goes through user testing , as we reported. To allow a good conversion rate , to satisfy the user and to guarantee a better perception of the brand , it is necessary to carry out relevant tests. Not making mistakes in their implementation and choosing the right methods is not easy.


A poorly executed, biased, suggestive test can be misleading. How to do user tests , when, with what audiences, with what methods and how often? These are the answers we will try to give you. Take the time to optimize the user experience (UX design) of your website! User tests: what are we talking about? User test should be understood as an approach that is similar to that of scientists. In the same way, in fact, it is necessary to rely on a well-defined protocol , and above all to carry out the tests on a representative sample .

Do You Want Some Tips To Make Them Successful?

Depending on the project that is yours, you will choose real users (or real potential users), but especially not ordinary people chosen for convenience, unrelated to the project. And rest assured: it is not necessary to have a large number of testers. 80% of the problems are identified with a single test on 5 people, lasting 30 minutes each ( see this article ). The user test assumes that the design of a Web project based on an iterative cycle, where we do not just fall from the first iteration. Graph of usability issues found and number of user tests Also note: User testing can be done profitably at any time. The sooner we perform the tests, the more we minimize the cost of any problems that might appear.

They can therefore be carried out: In the user research phase, In the “sketching” phase, In the prototyping phase, During the graphic design phase, In the project phase, With each major update, On a product during its lifetime. Some user testing methods Do not worry, if the idea of carrying out tests worries you in advance: there is not one method, but many. You will therefore have to choose according to your context and your objectives . Perform lab tests to perform user testsThe most classic: the lab test . Users are invited to a “laboratory”, sometimes behind a one-way mirror, and are invited by the ergonomist to carry out different scenarios.

Pass The User Tests In Ux!

The ergonomist here has a role of accompanist to explain the instructions. In no case does it guide the user in the use of the interface. If it is complex to bring the users together, the video test may be necessary. Start-ups offer solutions where the users, whom they have recruited, can with a simple webcam run the tests remotely. Some specific drawbacks: the user can get lost in the instructions, self-censor himself (he must express his impressions aloud), and the absence of an accompanying person does not allow us to explore possible problems that deserve questions. adapted. Another possibility, in case of lack of time: the “guerilla” test .

The sample of people to be interviewed is then reduced, with shorter tests of 10-20 minutes. We must therefore target a few priorities, by operating in the street, in the workplace. The stages of user testing in UX design Have you determined the method that best suits your needs? Whatever it is, you will now have to take 4 major steps : Define the protocol, objectives and targets The main element of the process is to identify the objectives of the user test . It is also necessary to formulate hypotheses (we say that the fact of posing the problem is already 80% of the solution), and finally to define the protocol (the questions and the scenarios to be tested) and the targets (according to the personas).

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