Knowing how your users appreciate and use your digital product or service is essential for the success of your web project. This is why it is interesting to think about user tests. Why is it so important to perform user tests? What New Zealand Phone Number List they bring to a web project? Focus on the place of user tests within a Web project. The question of user experience (UX) is today an essential issue for the success of your website. And only the proof by the experiment (and thus the test) brings an unsurpassable truth on “what works” and “what does not work” .


By testing the use that your “real” users make of your web project, in real conditions, you will be able to detect the blocking points of your visitors and make changes that will have a beneficial effect on the perception of the site and its efficiency. Sometimes wrongly considered to be “expensive” or “time consuming”, we are convinced of the opposite and their usefulness for the success of your redesign project. Explanations! User tests? What for ? You have just launched a new site. You are very proud of it. Unfortunately, statistics from your favorite audience analysis solution show that 76% of your visitors leave the site quickly.

Have You Ever Thought About Carrying Out User Tests?

Worse, by wanting to revive the interest of your site, your audience is rather collapsing!target-user-tests Surreal? Unfortunately this sometimes happens. Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to take a step back when setting up a project: the ergonomic approach, however well thought out, is not always easily understood by your targets . The same goes for the functional approach: You offer features that are far from the expectations of your targets; You offer features that are those of your targets. In this case, it is undoubtedly the approach proposed which is not in adequacy with the expected need: this is a problem of ergonomics and / or perception of the service.

The user tests just help guard against such surprises. The more they are done upstream, the easier the “refactoring” of the site, the less money you lose ! It is considered that tests carried out with 5 users (only!) Allow at least 80 usability problems to be solved. User tests: a necessary investment, which can prevent you from serious slippages We are not going to lie to each other, the implementation of user tests necessarily represents an additional cost on top of that which you must foresee for the creation, the evolution or the redesign of your web project.

What Can They Bring To Your Web Project?

The user of your site may have other expectations than what you thoughtIn the case of the example of a website which has just been redesigned and which despite everything loses many visitors, user tests carried out upstream, during the design phase, would have made it possible to avoid wasting time. to re-develop poorly designed functionalities (Download our webinar on this subject: ” How to improve the user experience on your site?” ) For e-commerce devices that generate significant revenues, not a single update is done without first passing through the hands of users. And all the more so since failed user experiences have effects that are multiplied by virality logic! Your online reputation may be severely affected: disappointed users, but also those who have heard of this disappointment will not come to your website either. It’s boring for a showcase site,

it’s very damaging for an e-commerce site. 48% of online shoppers tell a friend about a bad experience . In the end, wouldn’t an initial investment have been more opportune than losing, perhaps permanently, customers (and those who listen to them)? Perform user tests: a necessary investment, which can pay you big Performing user tests is not the only way to protect yourself from possible problems. On the contrary, they can maximize the impact of your product / service on your targets. This is undoubtedly the course followed by many companies, in particular e-commerce, which regularly carry out very exhaustive usability tests on different “parts” of the site, in particular on the issues of “satisfaction” and “frustration” . We recommend this very good article on usability testing at

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