Remember, you can always send a New Year’s greeting card if you missed the Christmas cards. Happy New Year cards can be sent between mid-December and the end of January. And whatever your choice of greeting card and message, know that it’s really the intention that counts. Start personalizing your greeting cards today! According to Gallup , “customer Jordan Phone Number List doesn’t matter.” In general, customers who report being extremely satisfied with a store on a 5-point scale do not frequent that store as much as those who are satisfied and feel emotionally attached to the brand.

Obviously, you need to deliver a quality event, but don’t forget to take your customers’ emotions into account. Emotional attachment So how do you bond emotionally with your customers? We’re back to your customer avatar. What language do you speak to them? How do you involve them beyond purchasing? Do you communicate with them on social networks? Use original name badges for your event. This will allow you to call your customers by name, which will strengthen their attachment to your business.


Think Customer Instead Of Thinking Product

Events are great opportunities to engage in a closer dialogue with your customers, hence the importance of optimizing these emotional connections across all your event media. Above, we encouraged you to create an event logo while making it clear that you would use your current logo in a unique way. Check out this list to learn how to use your logo. Integrate your logo into the decor of the event. You might think about including it on the first page of every presentation, but have you considered throwing it on the floor at your event?

Jordan Phone Number List

Consider where to display your logo other than on the walls (by the way, it has to be there as well). Personalize food and drink. You may have already thought about putting your logo on glasses and mugs. But what about a cocktail with the image of your company or your event (don’t forget to include an alcohol-free version)? Personalize the cupcakes and cookies with your logo for the coffee break. You can even personalize your straws. Think about ways to integrate your logo into the social aspect of your event. Personalize the experience for attendees.


The Blog: Your Best Ally

No need to organize a gigantic gathering to have an emotional and personal impact. Call participants by name in all your correspondence. Make sure you know your audience. Is the use of the first name appropriate or is it appropriate to use call titles (such as Ms. or Mr.)? Think about the goodies. It goes without saying that your logo must appear on the goodies that you distribute. But how do you make these goodies unique?

Pens and stickers have their merits, but what if you gave your customers items that they will use regularly? Hand out personalized USB sticks or mobile phone backup batteries. Something to stay in the minds of your customers long after the event. Take advantage of social media. Have your employees wear your logo in plain sight at the event. To promote your event as much as possible on social networks, it can be useful to entrust the task to a dedicated employee.

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