Conclusion on the importance of WordPress SEO To make your site visible on the web and popular, your natural referencing must therefore Zambia Email Lists specific and chronological steps with actions to be followed to the letter. With WordPress, you will realize that this tool, provided you master it, makes your life easier in your site creation and your positioning on search engines. Given the importance of the Yoast extension, I now invite you to consult my guide on this free extension to configure it properly and then use it

On the site, you will find tutorials for all levels: from beginners to experts. You will also find tutorials on very specific subjects such as URL rewriting, Search Console or localized SEO. On the same subject : The 3 strategic objectives of SEO 4. Read the guide proposed by Google himself Read the guide proposed by Google himself Google published a guide for webmasters a few years ago . This 32-page guide covers the various aspects to optimize on your site.


The Benefits Of Creating A Sitemap

Every site webmaster should have read this valuable guide at least once. It’s a great starting point for learning SEO. To give you an idea of ​​its content, here is the summary of the Google guide: Create unique and relevant page titles, Use the meta description tag, Improve the structure of its site, Optimize content, Work with robots, Optimize for mobiles, Promote a site and analyze the data. I highly recommend it if you are a beginner. On the same subject, I also recommend the free Google “Digital Workshops” training which gives an overview on Digital Marketing. 5. Read books by recognized experts in the field If you want to continue reading, several books are also available. A quick trip to Amazon or should allow you to find several.


Some examples : Succeed in his web referencing of Olivier Andrieu, 7 techniques to develop your SEO from Dimitri Carlet, Optimize your WordPress SEO by Daniel Roch. All the books on web writing can also be valuable allies for your SEO. 6. Obtain documentation from the French-speaking community of SEOs Obtain documentation from the French-speaking community of SEOs Whether through forums or groups on Facebook and / or LinkedIn, the French-speaking community around SEO is very active.


What Does A Sitemap Look Like?

I recommend you in particular: Webrankinfo, Infowebmaster or Oseox forums, Facebook SEO France groups or the French-speaking community on SEO. Will you subscribe to various groups and forums. My advice : if you speak English, here is a list of Digital Marketing experts handpicked by me. 7. Practice, practice and practice again SEO is like everything, without practicing little assimilation! Practice as much as possible, don’t just read or watch tutorial videos.

Optimize your pages, write optimized content, learn to use the various useful tools during an SEO project … Audrey: thank you Sylvain for this very complete list of ways to learn SEO techniques. I would just add that SEO is a constantly evolving practice. It is therefore necessary to want to learn continuously. Conclusion on how to learn SEO? As we have seen in this article, there are many ways to learn SEO like: Find out about specialized sites, Take online training or tutorials, Read the guide offered by Google, Buy books from recognized SEO experts, Obtain documentation from the French-speaking SEO community, It’s your turn !

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