Finding new insurance preparing for China Phone Number Monday’s meeting find out which orders are still on their way, making a report of this morning’s discussion All obligations that we have entered into and which, if you do nothing, you China Phone Number regularly remind yourself of. Often at times when you don’t want to think about it at all, such as when you are dozing on the couch or while taking a shower (hence Aquanotes!) or running. Use your head to think about things. Not to think about business. -David Allen We are strict with ourselves.

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So when we promise something, we China Phone Number want to keep it. And until it’s finished, it’s an open end. That is why it is so nice to check off tasks. Open ends create a mental counterpart, which we also call the Zeigarnik effect . The reason for China Phone Number naming this phenomenon was the observation that waiters know orders from entire tables by heart until the table has paid. The outstanding bill takes up space mentally and that space will become available again when the table is ready.

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Most Wonderful Things

Now it is not the case that every promise potentially leads to sleepless nights or popping inner reminders. First, when you’re busy, you don’t usually think about your loose ends. They usually come on when you relax. That’s not very common for most of us. Second, there is a solution, which is to organize your obligations. Masicampo and Baumeister did a study aptly titled Consider it Done . In it they show that organizing your obligations leads to peace. Similar to the peace you experience when you have completed the obligations.

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