Automation and chatbots Some possibilities Greece Phone Number with chatbots: Would you like to book a meeting with a sales representative? No problem. The chatbot agrees the date with the lead and books the meeting. Sharing relevant documents : Suppose your potential lead Greece Phone Number has questions that are easy to answer with an article, then you can have them automatically Greece Phone Number shared by the chatbot. White papers and blogs can also be shared in this way. A follow-up after the chatbot : if you have shared a document with the lead, you can easily have it followed up by automated flows. Trend 2: Predictive lead scoring.

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Will become a customer? You can answer Greece Phone Number that question with predictive lead scoring , and that too will be big in 2020. Marketing automation tools use algorithms with machine learning to determine that opportunity. Very enlightening, because Greece Phone Number that way you know exactly who you need to pay more attention to, and which visitors you just need to keep warm. But why is predictive lead scoring so relevant now? Because it can help your Greece Phone Number company so much further within marketing automation. If the lead prioritization is not worked out properly within your organization, you are simply spending too much time and attention on.

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If you do this right, you will be able to deliver Greece Phone Number the right leads to the sales department and you will create a greater chance of scoring. We Greece Phone Number also call these ready-made leads ‘sales qualified leads’. Know who you can win in 90 days and focus on that. Get started with predictive lead scoring! Native advertising challenges How does it work? To explain this as well as possible, we first deal with the traditional lead scoring. You divide points over criteria that Greece Phone Number a lead must meet in order to be actually interesting for your organization. You determine these criteria together with the sales department. After you’ve done this, you’ll move on to.

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