In most cases, a very simple URL is optimal, like this one: “”. Here are 3 top tips for providing an SEO friendly URL: Add your target keyword as close as possible to the start of the URL, Shorten your URL as much as possible, removing determinants for example, Remove irrelevant information from your URL Mali Email List and complex URL strings. But I have listed 8 others . 4. Optimize your content for Google Rich Snippets Optimize your content for Google Rich Snippets Snippets (also known as Featured Snippets) appear at the very top of search results pages.

This “zero position” can be extremely valuable . Indeed, there is a good chance that people will click on your page after reading the snippet. There is also a possibility that you can rank in 2 places on the first page, both in the snippet and as a normal result. If you’re already ranking on the first page, the best way to get the featured snippet is to summarize the answer to the question or search query in a single paragraph, ideally as far up the page as possible. But the place is very coveted. But there are easier ways to improve your organic click-through rate.


The Post-it Method For Writing Effective Sales Pages Fast

The enriched extracts Rich snippets are like enhanced search results. The “normal” search results consist of: SEO title, From the URL address, And the meta-description. A result with rich snippets can contain more information like: Stars, The price, A picture, Customer reviews, The website icon, The name of the website … Here are some other ways Google uses to organize the user experience offered by its results pages: Search the website . It is a search box to search directly on the website. It can also be links to certain pages on a website. Knowledge Graph (knowledge graph).


These give details about a subject, a brand or a celebrity and usually include a description, links to social networks … With Rich Snippets, you stand out in search results, especially if your competition isn’t there. Schema markup Diagram markup is an effective way for search engine crawlers to better understand the type of content on your website. To add schema markup to your site, embed HTML elements that search engines understand. Be aware that they are not visible to your readers, but are used by search engines when they crawl your website.


What Is The Process For The Post-it Method?

For your information, there are different types of diagrams, including videos, images and articles, but also specific content diagrams for local businesses, organizations … If you want to add schema markup to your site, follow my in-depth schema markup guide . 5. Optimize to earn sitelinks Optimize to earn sitelinks Another way to improve the appearance of your site on search engines is sitelinks. They show up below your meta description in the SERPs and link to other pages on your website.

Be aware that they help increase the space occupied by your list on search engines, which leads to more visibility and a higher CTR. These links also improve the user experience. Indeed, your visitors can go directly to the page that suits them best. Also, it is a sign that Google trusts your website because it does not show sitelinks for all websites. Note : you cannot directly specify sitelinks. Google’s algorithm chooses which links it thinks are the most relevant.

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