Text is not enough, also think SEO Once your article is proofread and ready to publish, think about SEO. Indeed, publishing your text as it is is not enough. There are some basics you should follow to make your article easier to rank on search engines, such as: The Samoa Email List of the Hn titles (H1, H2, H3), The title and metadescription tags, The ALT attribute of images, Internal and outgoing links, A length of more than 500 words (if applicable). My advice : To help you follow this checklist, use Plug in SEO, a plugin on Shopify that is similar to Yoast on WordPress.

With a little experience, you will take all these constraints into account before writing your article. Promote your content Don’t forget to share your content on your various social media platforms, and even in your newsletter . If you get a high volume of traffic, you will send important social signals to Google which helps you rank better, in addition to increasing the authority of your domain name. audrey: thank you Philippe for all these tips on SEO for an online store under Shopify. I would just like to add that the Shopify theme also influences your SEO performance.


What Is Customer Anti-avatar? Who Is It ?
The Anti-avatar Is The Other

With a theme that is well optimized for SEO, you have a better chance of achieving your profitability goals. Conclusion on Shopify SEO optimization In conclusion, any entrepreneur who owns a Shopify store should realize the importance of SEO. Once your e-commerce site is well positioned on search engine results, you are less dependent on paid advertising platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Since SEO for a website can take several weeks (several months in some cases), we suggest that you implement these tips today. Then, follow your progress on a traffic analysis tool like Google Analytics and regularly watch the improvements that your Google Search Console suggests to you.


Finally, to outperform, also work on the User Experience of your online store, in particular that of the Product pages. To sum up in 3 questions What is the first essential step to optimize your Site in Shopify in SEO? Start by optimizing the title and meta description tags of your Product pages. Make sure they’re unique for each product, sticking to the right lengths, and targeting a unique query. Why are customer reviews important? When your customers leave a review for your product, you can earn stars under your meta description in search results.


The Anti-avatar Is The Other

To benefit from it under Shopify, install the Product Reviews plugin. What to do with the pages on out-of-stock products? When your products are out of stock for a fixed period of time, it is absolutely essential to leave them in line with the mention ‘Out of stock’. This way, your users can see it and navigate the site instead of stumbling upon a 404 error page. Remember, deleting a page forever eliminates its ranking.

To make it to the top of the search engine pages, your content must be perfect (or at least better than that of your competition). Web pages with long, SEO-optimized content tend to rank higher on the results pages. The reason is simple. Users prefer detailed and precise content. Thus, your main articles should be as complete as possible and contain the right keywords in the right place. However, the length of your blog posts isn’t everything: Your content should also be engaging.

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