But this quality rating has not been made public by Google for several years. It is therefore necessary to use third-party tools that offer their own popularity rating. Here are the main tools that I recommend you to use: Majestic SEO with Trust Flow / Citation Flow, SEMrush with the Quality Score, Ahrefs with the Domain Authority. The Slovakia Email List Make an effort to link to your internal pages and not just to the home page. Also, don’t look for “DoFollow” links at all costs. Also getting “NoFollow” links creates a natural ecosystem. For example, all links from social networks are “NoFollow”. As a result, they do not have a direct impact on your SEO. On the other hand, they contribute to the notoriety of your website and can generate direct traffic.

By studying the history of your inbound links, you will quickly see if your anchors are natural or not, if the links mainly point to your home page or the DoFollow / NoFollow ratio. Audrey: thank you Jeremy for this description of the link profile. I would like to insist on the fact that in order to acquire quality links to your content, it is necessary that they be of quality, that is to say content that you cannot see anywhere else. Conclusion on the analysis of your inbound link profile In conclusion, the goal is to keep your link profile healthy and prosperous through a legitimate netlinking strategy.


Refine The Title And Meta Description

Using the right tools, you will perform an efficient and in-depth link profile analysis. This will allow you to gather all the information to better direct your future link building efforts. By making the effort to maintain a healthy link profile, you will build a natural ecosystem for your website. The more your website will be recommended by other sites, the more legitimate it will be to position itself on the first page of Google. Experts then speak of a strong domain authority . Next, let’s move on to the keywords that describe your target customer. List the keywords related to your target customer List the keywords related to your target customer Your business is surely customer-oriented. This is why finding keywords that describe your customers is a priority.


These are the keywords that represent your target customers. Who is your target customer? And at the risk of insisting, to choose the right keywords, always put yourself in your client’s shoes . Again, build on what you’ve written in your personas. These keywords simply describe the people who will show you up in Google search results. In addition, as with keywords related to your business, keywords related to your customers should be present in most of your content. Obviously, we must always quote them wisely. In general, the keywords relating to your customers are to be used in the content about your company or your sector of activity.


Optimize Content Sharing On Social Networks

It is also possible to insert these types of keywords in content that touts customer testimonials in the form of video interviews or simply text content. Keywords related to #audreytips personas As you know, we are targeting: Entrepreneurs, Leaders, CEOs… We asked them why they are working with us to identify the benefits of our content. Several themes emerged: Give visibility to your business , Conquer new customers , Stand out from the competition , Save time on technical aspects …

I don’t know if you noticed, but at least one of these benefits is highlighted in each of our articles and we have written content pages specific to these benefits. For example, if I want entrepreneurs to identify me as an expert in Digital Marketing for businesses, I can write content with the keywords: Digital Marketing dedicated to entrepreneurs Or to indirectly highlight the benefits of Digital Marketing for companies, I can write content with the keywords: How a business leader finds new customers with digital marketing There is always a huge untapped pool of keywords relating to your customers.

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