Therefore, when you add something to your site (a page, text, an image…), be sure to do it well so as not to anger the algorithms of Google and its colleagues. Otherwise you run the risk of dropping in the search results. How can you be Monaco Email List that these new elements are well integrated into your site and thus please Google’s algorithms and their updates? Then use technical analysis software or even content. Review your content to improve it to 10x content .

On the same subject : My checklist to properly rank your site on Google 3. Your e-reputation Monitor your SEO e-reputation, i.e. backlinks Hey yes, who would have believed it, like a celebrity, we have to be talked about on the Internet to exist! This is why a site must constantly maintain its network and its connections to stay up to date (on the “SERP” page of course!). In other words, to be valued by search engines, make sure you build up the external network as much as possible.


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Here are some tips for becoming the SEO “Kim Kardashian”. The more other sites talk about you, the better your SEO Experts in Digital Marketing call these sites “referring domains”. Indeed, they refer to you, quite simply in their content. Also, the more influential these sites, the better your SEO. Some software like Cocolyze can estimate the reputation of a website, which is called the “Domain of Influence”. Watch out for false friends! All links made on other sites to yours are not necessarily good to take.


Beware of so-called “no follow” links and toxic links that degrade your performance Some software also assigns a quality rating to links that point to your website. If the score is too low, these bonds are qualified as toxic. SEO experts even speak of “Spam Rating”. With all these indications, you will be able to “disavow” without fear the potentially dangerous links for your referencing by signaling them to Google from your Search Console . Referencing: 3 points to monitor every day Note : also check that some previously established links to your site have not been removed without your knowing it.


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How do you get influential sites to talk about you? To do this, use a backlinks finder. What is a backlink? It is the technical term for those links pointing to your website from a website with another domain name. This tool finds influential sites on which your competitors have backlinks and offers you to contact them. Indeed, if these sites speak about your competitors, they are also likely to quote your site since it speaks about an equivalent or related subject.

Audrey: Thank you Lola for this daily checklist to monitor your site’s positions on Google. Conclusion on optimizing your daily SEO monitoring Getting a good ranking on Google or another search engine is a long process. It is necessary to be on the lookout for the smallest changes on a daily basis. This is the only way you will be able to keep your positions and better still, gain them. On the surface, these daily checks can seem overwhelming. Rest assured most of the time, it is a matter of a few minutes since your positions will hardly change.


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