You can include emojis on your pages, but should you really?

Here are two points you should consider:

1: using emojis can be a waste of time
yes, they are cute and funny. But since emojis won’t do anything to help you rank higher in the serps, what’s the point of using them?

As an seo professional, you don’t want to spend valuable hours optimizing pages for things that won’t bring positive results.

Also, the serps are always changing.


If google just decides to stop showing emojis in search, all your great work with them can be replaced with weird code info or the classic blank square □.

On top of everything, google’s algorithm is already rewriting Norway WhatsApp Number List a significant number of page titles simply because it thinks it can create better titles than you.

This means that your precious emoji in the title can disappear or become something else, according to mueller:

“we don’t show all of these [emojis] in search

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results, especially if we think they disrupt the search experience in terms of, it looks misleading maybe, or that sort of thing. But you can definitely keep them there, they don’t cause any problems.

I don’t think you have any significant advantage in putting them there, because at most what we’re trying to figure out is what’s the equivalent of that emoji and maybe use that word as well, associated with the page.”

2: emojis in titles can increase your click-through rate
let’s say you are using emojis in titles and meta descriptions and they are not misleading or spammy at all.

Do they have the opportunity to improve your click through rate ( ctr ), generating more traffic to your pages?

Some seo experts believe so, although there is no clear data to support this.

What we do know is that almost all online consumers like to use emojis when communicating. In fact, 36% of millennials believe that emojis express their thoughts and feelings better than words.

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