For example, what is the percentage of afro-descendants in your company? What is the percentage of these people in high positions?

You need to hire decision makers, leaders, and marketers who understand and can speak to the consumer communities in this segment.

Keep in mind that your brand will only provide services and products optimized for this audience if there is a workforce that represents it within the company.

Representation in a company means full capacity to access the deepest desires and particularities. It’s harder to think differently when everyone on your team looks the same .

Promote policies for this audience

make sure your products are accessible to these communities. Promotes the diversity of suppliers Poland WhatsApp Number List of brands that are owned or focused on people of african descent. Stakeholders and partners must also be anti-racist and adopt inclusive measures.

One example of these efforts is the target retail

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Therefore, rand initiative. Cassandra jones, vice president and general manager of beauty and cosmetics for target, said, “with the addition of nearly 40 new beauty brands, we’re raising the bar on our world-class beauty experience.”

among these new brands, twenty of them belong to afro-descendant businessmen. It can be a great opportunity for other companies to do so, following the example of a global brand.

Support brands and give them room to grow. Engage company leadership to strengthen or create a position on the importance of racial diversity and the fight against racism .

Therefore,Offer products and services that satisfy the tastes and needs of this group
for decades, beauty and personal care brands have almost exclusively catered to the needs of white consumers.

However, the willingness to explore new products and services is a human characteristic that has nothing to do with race. 81 % of those surveyed by mckinsey said they want to switch brands. These data suggest that dissatisfaction with current options is widespread.

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