Freeing and expressing your natural Spain Phone Number genius is your ultimate path to success and satisfaction with your life. 4 questions to discover your zone of genius You discover your zone of genius by asking Spain Phone Number yourself four questions. What do I love to do most? You love it so much that you can do it for a long time without getting tired or bored. You should feel it in your body when you have found the answer. What work I do doesn’t feel like work? When you do this (apart from the activities and obligations that often come with work) you are happiest.

Useful If You Think Carefully

You often hear yourself saying ‘And Spain Phone Number this is why I’m doing this!’ What provides the most results and satisfaction in my work in relation to the amount of time I spend on it? There is one essential part of your work that yields the Spain Phone Number most. Maybe it’s connecting with your connections on social media on a daily basis? Or meditate for half an hour so that new ideas arise in your head? What is my unique gift? You possess a special ability, a unique gift that will greatly benefit not only you, but also the world around.

Spain Phone Number

You Think Carefully

This gift is not unique in the world, but it is in the world in which you live. You probably first used your unique ability when you were a kid. You have unconsciously used it during a stressful situation and to make the situation optimal for yourself to feel good (again). Really sit down to come to clear answers for yourself. Do you find it difficult to describe your unique gift? This last exercise will help you on your way. Complete the following sentences.

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