Blogging is difficult. It is a considerable and demanding work to be constantly renewed. What to do when your blog isn’t working? When you started this content marketing strategy, you came out on top by building on fabulous traffic, top SEO, an up-to-date Georgia WhatsApp Number List  , and an uninterrupted flow of leads. But the reality can be much less lenient. The hopes you placed in your business or professional blog may be dashed. The results may not be there. Trainer training So, you are wondering about the future of this blog. Is it necessary or even imperative to shut down your blog?

You should not blame yourself; the majority of bloggers have once asked this question. The key is to identify what is stuck to know if stopping your blog is the right answer. Such a drastic decision should not be taken if the problems encountered correspond to errors that can be resolved. Let’s take a look at the main reasons why you might want to close your blog and try to examine your options. REASON 1: YOU ARE DISAPPOINTED WITH THE TRAFFIC GENERATED BY YOUR BLOG Are your traffic generation expectations not being met? Be sure you are not the only one.


You Are Disappointed With The Traffic Generated By Your Blog

This is a common problem that discourages many bloggers. Seeing that despite your many articles and your hard work, your website traffic is so low is disheartening. Why did you come to this? If your blog is not performing because of a traffic deficit, there are multiple root causes for it. Also, various corrective actions can be taken before you even get to the end of stopping your blog. YOUR BLOG DOES NOT STAND OUT FROM THE COMPETITION If you write the same thing as your competition and add nothing more, there is no reason for your traffic to grow the way you want it to be, and on top of that, you risk damaging your reputation.

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Also, try to distinguish yourself by doing better than the others: longer articles, more complete, funnier, better illustrated … It’s time to say goodbye to posts of 400 words and finally guide you to real articles of 2,000 words and more. And just because you did long and brilliant studies where you were the king of 3-point essays, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to write blog posts. Web writing conceals specificities that even an associate in modern letters ignores.

You Are Too Impatient To Get Results Quickly

YOUR CONTENT IS POORLY REFERENCED BY SEARCH ENGINES To boost your traffic, you must bet on the right keywords related to your theme, those that your target readers use, and correctly optimize your articles, as well as your entire website. If your industry is very competitive, you need to apply the right techniques to make your blog perform well and rank in the SERPs of search engines. If you are new to SEO, call in a professional, otherwise you risk plunging your blog into the twists and turns of Google penalties.

YOU ARE NOT PROMOTING YOUR BLOG POSTS ENOUGH For each blog post, it is essential to complete several promotional tasks. Even the biggest bloggers do it! Too many business blogs only use 2 or 3 distribution channels. It’s not enough ! In addition, it is most often the blog’s social networks that do not have more audience. You have to relay your content on various social media, by emails and newsletters (with substantial subscriber lists), on forums, in invited or sponsored articles, with Facebook or Google Ads advertisements …


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