Fourth, commodity value, gift Malaysia Phone Number benefits , the core personnel of each category have seniors in the industry, they know the best Malaysia Phone Number manufacturer, raw. Material base and production base price for each product. It is not that the lower the commodity price, the better, but the consideration and analysis based on the selected product attributes, such as whether the product gift is cost-effective, brand reputation, etc., so as to make the final selection, which is the direction. Of weiya’s selection. 04 sales skills when the preliminary preparation is done,  necessary to test the sales skills.

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Friends who have watch Malaysia Phone Number weiya’s live broadcast will find that almost every product will. Have a foreshadowing during the live broadcast, so what skills do you have in the guidance of sales rhetoric? It is very simple to say, but how to say it is the Malaysia Phone Number most important, and we will continue to further understand it. For example, the showerhead mention. Also, above, the expression of rhetoric, the function and response of feedback. Are different. Wei ya sold a foreign dental floss on a live broadcast. Many people are accustome to using toothpicks, but how to sell it and who to sell it to.

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At that time, vega’s toothpick Malaysia Phone Number broke and bleeds. She, who is experience in sales, said in the live. Also, broadcast room, “children will imitate their parents. Improper. Operation is very easy to be injure, and the consequences are very serious.” so for Malaysia Phone Number parents, although dental floss is not a necessity, it can make it a just-needd item for the safety of children. A cosmetic refrigerator worth 2000, in the eyes. Of many people, it an unnecessary thing, she will specifically emphasize in the live broadcast room, “no matter how expensive cosmetics , if they. Also, not store in a refrigerator, the active ingredients in it will also be lost.” , it’s a good thing for owning “ladies” makeup.

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