When many companies are Philippines Phone Number building their. Own community systems, they often face a difficult problem, how to conduct community operations on a large scale. When many companies. Solve large-scale community operations. There are three Philippines Phone Number commonly use methods. The first is through robots; the advantage of this model is that it greatly saves manpower and material. Resources, and one person can manage n groups through robots, but the most fatal point of this. Model is that there is no way to achieve refine self-operation of the community. Therefore, most of the groups. Manage by robots in batches are dead groups in the end. They only function as traffic pools and cannot generate.

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Any user Philippines Phone Number stickiness. The second is to  increase employees through recruitment; the advantage of this. Model is that as long as the roi of each community is clearly calculate, it can be recruit and copi. At the same time, but the disadvantage is precisely because of the need to recruit people, when employees. Become more and more in many cases, once a problem or risk is encountere, if the steps are taken too. Far, it will easily threaten the company’s cash flow. The third model is the self-operating model that i want to. Share with you today. The advantages of the self-operating group management model are that the cost is low, the system.

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Has strong anti-risk capabilities, and it can achieve. The refine operation of the community as. Much as possible. Why does the self-operating group say the Philippines Phone Number cost is lower? Because the people. In the self-operation group are basically not employees. Of the company, they are all part-time or even free. To assist the operation of the company, so the overall Philippines Phone Number cost is relatively low. Why is it said that the system. Has strong anti-risk capability? Because the community is manage by a group, no matter who is busy or quits. In the group, other members can take over the work, and there will be no case of stopping operations. Why can the refine operation.of the community be achieve?

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